Additional Services

  • Little kitten behind a laptop

    Website Library

    Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that you are unfamiliar with? Are you interested in learning more about how a particular drug works? Would you like more information…

  • Small black kitten by cat toys


    For your convenience, Sunnyview Animal Care offers both an in-house pharmacy and an online service (for our clients only through their ‘Pet Portal’) so we can meet all your pet’s…

  • Dog in therapy with vet tech

    CO2 Laser Therapy

    Is laser therapy new? The beneficial effects of laser light on tissue were first recognized almost forty years ago. Since then, there have been thousands of studies documenting the positive…

  • Dog in underwater Treadmill

    Pain Management and Control

    At Sunnyview Animal Care, we know that animals experience pain in much the same way as people do – they just accept it much better and, therefore it can be…

  • dog and cat lying on red pet bed

    Veterinary Specialist Referrals – In Clinic And Elsewhere in the HRM!

    At Sunnyview Animal Care, our team of veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians provide many services at our clinic, ranging from everyday to advanced procedures. Although we handle the majority of…

  • Golden Retriever looking around vet office

    Puppy Training – more then just House Training! (But look here for Puppy Housetraining Tips!)

    House Training help, recommendations for training your cat or dog

  • Golden Retriever being checked out by Dr. Lindsay

    Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment

    Like us, animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits can get cancer. Fortunately, however, some forms of cancer are curable. In addition, recent advancements in cancer treatment can extend…

  • Black and white cat lying on floor

    Grief Counseling

    Losing a pet can be extremely upsetting, sometimes even more so than you might expect. We have such a close bond with our pets, so letting go is never easy…

  • Siku toy destroy

    Behavioral Counseling

    If you’re concerned about or bothered by an aspect of your pet’s behaviour, we can help. Our experienced veterinarians can work with you and your pet to stop or change…

  • Therapeutic Pet Food Display of Supplements &, Treats for your Family Friend!

    Pet Accessories

    With so many accessories available from pet stores, we know you have hundreds of options to choose from. However, not all of them are safe for pets. When you purchase…