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Bringing a Dog into the USA as of August 1, 2024

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Feline Specific Information – Food Puzzles & Litter Box Ideas!

  • Not all Scratching Posts are Equal! Here is video on them, how they differ, and where to place them for ideal effect. More scratching options are here as well!
  •  How to trim your cat’s nails.
  • There are also many products for protecting your furniture – just drop us an email & ask going forward!
  • There are many behaviour-influencing pheromone ideas here for reducing the stresses of introducing a new kitten to a household with other cats that may not initially be very happy about their new buddy!
  • Here are some effective calming diet options for cat(s), and they acidify their urine as well!
  • ‘How to’ videos on giving your cat pills, getting them into the carrier for a trip to Sunnyview, etc. – here!
  • Environmental Enrichment Videos – here, and Foraging/Puzzle Toy Ideas are here, & here!
  • Some Cat Training Videos – here.

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In the News, Veterinarians Warn Pet are being Sickened by Marijuana