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Immunization is an important part of ensuring that your pet has adequate protection from preventable diseases that can be life-threatening. Immunization is a medical procedure that requires annual reassessment and, following our annual wellness examination of your pet, our veterinarians will make immunization recommendations that suit your pet’s personal needs based in part on; any active diseases or disorders in our practice area, their activity level, where you take your pet for visits/walks/socialization/travel history, or to address their attendance at daycares. Sunnyview Animal Care’s veterinarians recommend vaccines on a three-year rotating basis whenever possible or needed.
Vaccination titers are gaining in popularity and, can form an integral part of the annual Wellness Assessment. Titers indicate overall response in a lab environment only, showing the level of antibodies in response to a lab-elicited theoretical infection. There is still some controversy as to the relationship between lab-result antibody testing versus “Real World” antibody response to actual infections. The veterinarian’s at Sunnyview Animal Care are happy to consult on your specific concerns for your pet’s vaccination status.

AAHA Vaccination Guidelines, AAFP Vaccination Guidelines