Dear Clients,

We are so excited & pleased to report that Sunnyview Animal Care has been officially given a ‘Phase 1’ opening date of June the 5th by the Nova Scotia Government, in concert with recommendations from the NS Veterinary Medical Association (NSVMA)! In anticipation of this date, we have been working extensively behind the scenes during the closure to prepare our office to meet the highest standards in care in this new COVID-19 landscape. We want to ensure our clients that we are doing everything we can to keep our team, your pets, & you & your families safe & protected.

Sunnyview is now booking annual examination appointments, any other medical appointments, & all surgical appointments in keeping with ‘Phase 1’ guidelines from the NSVMA.

   If you had an appointment that was missed due to the closure, there is no need to reach out to us as we have your name on a list & will be contacting you soon to get your pet booked in.

   If you are looking to get an appointment scheduled before we call – you are welcome to give us a call now at 902-835-2223 & we can work on getting you scheduled in as soon as possible!

When you return to our office, you will notice some changes:

            In Phase 1 (& 2) of the NSVMA opening guidelines, we will still have a locked-door policy for all patient appointments, surgical drop offs, medication & food pickups. Please access our webpage for all presurgical, appointment medical information, & consent forms – we ask that you fill these out online &, either send them to us via email prior to your appointment, or print the applicable form(s) off  for the team to review when we come to your vehicle to start your appointment.

            Please keep in mind that our webstore is always available for food, treat, & prescription ordering.

            We ask that for any client(s) feeling ill themselves – Please let us know of your situation, either at the time of booking your pet’s appointment, or at the time you contact us in the parking lot. Strict personal confidentiality as per Sunnyview’s Personal Information Policies apply. We still can examine your pet!

Clients are asked to wait in their vehicles while we assess your pet’s needs, perform the examination, make our recommendations, & then call your cell phone to discuss your pet’s needs allowing us to answer all your concerns.  It will be of the utmost importance if you could arrive on time for your exam. If you are late, we will be unable to maintain the flow necessary to keep our patients, veterinary doctors, team, & families safe.

            Given that our Veterinary Doctors & staff are required to wear masks, & in keeping with NSVMA Guidelines, Sunnyview requires that all visitors to our clinic wear a mask themselves until ‘Phase 5’ is announced.  If you do not have one, we can supply you with one. While no clients are allowed access to the waiting area while Phase 1 & 2 restrictions are in place, should the need arise, we can address this on a case-by-case basis.

Payment is still going to be performed outside the building – weather permitting. Payments will be by E transfer, Debit, or Credit Card.  Cash is still not being accepted at this time.

When Phase 3 restrictions come into effect –

                Clients will be allowed limited access to the reception area at this time. In order to ensure we can maintain appropriate physical distancing; We will limit traffic in the waiting area and have reduced seating available to ensure physical distancing is always maintained. This is in order to keep everyone safe & reduce any potential COVID-19 transmission. Two owners/family members with their pet, & only two (2) families will be in the practice at any one time, placed in either corner lounge within the waiting area.

Exam room access will be restricted to one family member per pet in most circumstances as well.

Our welcome desk will have been fitted with plexiglass barriers, & temporary floor markings to allow us to maintain 6-foot social distancing.

Payments & other transactions may occur within the waiting area, at the reception desk, but clients are encouraged to allow for curb-side Food, Prescription, & other pet products, etc. as before.  We would prefer to take payments electronically, & if possible & outside the practice whenever possible.

When Phase 4 restrictions come into effect –

Two family members will be able to access the Examination rooms, while any other family members can wait in the reception area in either lounge. A maximum of two families will be in the practice at any time.

We also want you to know that your pet’s exam may “feel” a little different than normal. Clients will be required to wear a face covering as before, as will our team, with no exceptions.

In close quarters (i.e. in the exam rooms) the risk of transmission is higher the more we talk. Our Veterinary Doctors may not be able to engage in the same degree of personal conversation as we would do normally, but please know we care very much about you & miss you very much.

When Phase 5 guidelines come into effect – The operation of Sunnyview is expected to be as it was pre-COVID-19.

            We will be continuing to sanitize all high touch surfaces regularly.

As always, will endeavour to ensure any & all critical information is communicated to you clearly & we will be sure to answer any pertinent questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that, as events develop & warrant – Sunnyview may have to ‘step back’ a Phase or two, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. We will endeavour to keep all our clients informed if such occurrences become necessary.

            Times are a little different now, but we are all in this together & we are so looking forward to getting back to what we love doing – caring for you & your pets. That will never change.

            Please be kind & understanding with our team as they also navigate these new realities with you and your pet!

We hope to see you very soon!

Sincerely – Drs. Jeff, Jennifer, Anie & the entire Sunnyview Team