Dr. Jeff W. Goodall – Medical Director / Owner

Dr Goodall with sunny the clinic cat at Sunnyview Nova Scotia

Dr. Goodall wanted to be a veterinarian from the age of 12, and thanks to his first dog ‘Mishka’ and his high school home-room teacher, was able to sled race with the Siberian Husky Club in southern Ontario. Dr. Goodall graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1994, after obtaining a BSc from Dalhousie University. After graduation, Dr. Goodall traveled extensively through western Canada over four years as a mixed animal veterinarian, before returning to his native Nova Scotia. Dr. Goodall splits his time between caring for his clients’ pets, his own, and his (very) understanding family.

Dr. Goodall is a Level 1 Certified Laser Clinician, and attends regular continuing education programs, frequently exceeding the minimum annual hours required for licensing as, he believes there is so much our practice can offer any one of our patients. Also, Dr. Goodall is a member of many Special Interest associations – the American Association of Avian Veterinarians, the American Association of Reptile Veterinarians, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

In addition to enjoying the practice of veterinary medicine, Dr. Goodall is happy to speak or write on Animal Care, Exotic Pet Care, Dog Bite Prevention in children and the benefits of CO2 Laser surgery.