Flea Prevention and Control

Fleas can cause problems for pets ranging from minor to life-threatening. Not only can these parasites cause severe itching, irritation, and allergies, but they can also transmit tapeworms and diseases. Fleas can infest dogs, cats, ferrets, mice, and rats. And fleas don’t just stay on pets; they can bite people, too. For more information, contact us or see the flea article in the Pet Health Library on our site.

You don’t want these blood-sucking parasites on your pet or in your home. We can help keep them away or help you get rid of them if they’ve already found their way inside. Call us to find out how to eliminate and control fleas or to start your pet on a preventive today.

That being said, the policies of Sunnyview Animal Care where these medications are concerned differ significantly from other veterinary practices:

1) We have a 100% replacement guarantee when you use our products in the recommended manner

2) We DO NOT generally recommend the use of these products – the only times we see their need is if your pet (our their owners) suffer from flea bite allergies, if you have an outside cat (as cats tend to get into this trouble more often then dogs), or if your pet has the misfortune to have contacted fleas in the past – not every pet needs ANY preventative in many circumstances.

3) If your cat is inside, then the need for flea medication is minimal – the only exception is when you live in an apartment/condo setting where the may be a neighbour’s pet who is getting outside and, contacting other flea-bearing animals.