Beak Trims

Beaks continue growing throughout birds’ lives. Although birds’ beaks usually wear evenly, some birds develop beak problems and require veterinary assistance. Dr. Jeff Goodall continues to take extended amounts of continuing education on the mechanics of corrective beak trims – did you know, a parrot’s beak has SEVEN BONES, and FIFTEEN Joints? (Our Jaws have 1 bone & 2 joints for comparison….).

The picture shows Dr. Jeff trimming ‘Baby’ bird’s beak – notice there is no excessive handing or struggle, we just have the experience your bird needs.

Trimming its beak incorrectly can cause your bird pain and may prevent it from eating, which is why we recommend having your bird’s beak trimmed by someone who understands how your bird eats and uses their beak. Please do not attempt to trim your bird’s beak at home. Call us to schedule an appointment.