Pre-Surgical bloodwork allows us to perform your pet’s “INTERNAL WELLNESS/PHYSICAL EXAMINATION”, allowing us to check their red and white blood cell counts (RBC/WBC), platelet counts-a.k.a. “CBC”, kidney, liver, electrolytes, protein levels, glucose, and other important blood chemistry levels. Presurgical blood work is an evaluation tool that allows us to detect “Sub-Clinical” or congenital medical concerns that would not be apparent on any thorough wellness examination , or anticipate anesthesia concerns & manage your pets overall anesthetic procedure accordingly!
Most importantly of all, presurgical blood work performed for any; spay/neuter, dental cleaning procedure or other procedure involving anesthesia administration also gives us an updated/baseline level to be used in comparison with future bloodwork-this allows all of us to identify trends or changes in your pets internal health! Many times our veterinarians see individual tests that appear to be within the normal reference range at that time but, when compared to past bloodwork trends may emerge where we can anticipate a disorder and use supplements versus medical therapy to manage it!