What if you could chat with the veterinary care team at Sunnyview Animal Care Center when you’re worried about your pet? Petriage is a telehealth app that allows you to do just that, while also rapidly assessing whether or not, and how urgently your pet requires medical attention. By using Petriage, you provide the best possible care by eliminating the guesswork about whether or not your beloved pet needs to be seen by a vet. You get peace of mind and may even benefit by seeking life-saving care when necessary. We are integrating this technology into Sunnyview in order to increase availability to our clients and advance the quality of care for our patients. By using Petriage, you can ask questions, post pictures and videos, get advice or clarification, provide updates after vet visits and surgery, and schedule appointments. Our team will have telemedicine hours during which we are available to communicate with you via Petriage.

If your pet has had an exam at Sunnyview within the past year, Petriage is available to you. If your pet does not have a care plan, you can still use the Petriage Analysis Tool for FREE. The Analysis Tool determines how urgently your pet should be seen. Petriage also provides us with updates on how your pet is doing post-exam, hospitalization, surgery, etc. Please know that you are not obligated to use this service. We are always happy to help you when you call during business hours.
Please let us know if you need support in using Petriage. We are here to assist you in all of the ways we can care for your pet.

Warm regards,
Your Sunnyview Animal Care Center Team