Beagle puppy running in the grass.PAWs Head Start Puppy

Our PAWs Head Start Puppy plan offers your newest family member a complete wellness program for their first year in your home and is designed to conveniently spread out the cost of pet ownership over one year! This plan includes physical examinations, fecal testing, dewormer, dental care discussions, & all necessary “Core” vaccines to get your puppy off to a healthy start, with the added benefit of one additional comprehensive Wellness Assessment, & unlimited nail trims*during the duration of the plan at no additional cost!

Our veterinary puppy care & immunization recommendations are based on AAHA vaccination/dental care recommendations & guidelines. Please click on the LINKs below, or look elsewhere on our webpage for more information on keeping your new puppy healthy!


  • Complete Physical “Wellness” Examinations, Number of exams will depend on your kitten’s age at time of initial presentation/starting date of the plan,
  • Appropriate Vaccines,
  • Fecal testing, & dewormer: also depending your puppy’s age at time of initial presentation/starting date of the plan – for more Information on Internal Parasites in Puppies – just ‘click’ here!
  • Nail Trims are included with examinations, and if you’re interested we will show you how to apply nail-caps (Soft Paws) & show you some nail trimming tips,
  • Unlimited follow up Nail Trims (unless additional Staff assistance is required),
  • Nutrition Counseling: nutrition is important at any stage of life but, the earlier this discussion starts the better for everyone!,
  • Body Condition Scoring (BCS): Annual or per visit BCS scorse will identify weight gain or loss before it becomes a significant concern,
  • Dental Care Counseling