Mar 24 2017

Annual Internal & External Parasite Prevention Offer

20% OFF Parasite Protection Offer
(when you purchase 9 months of more – limited time)

Spring is here!! But so are the parasites…

Until April 29th when you purchase 9 months or more of any Flea, Tick, and Internal parasite product, Sunnyview Animal Care is pleased to offer our valued clients 20% off. We have both topical and oral medications available. Please call to pre-order your product and speak with one of our team members to see which option is best for your pet.

Did you know??;

  • ⎫ Ticks can “quest” (look for a blood meal) at temperatures as low as 0.6 degrees and as warm as 20 degrees, making Nova Scotia weather ideal.
  • ⎫ Deer ticks in Nova Scotia can carry Lyme disease, this is not only dangerous for pets but people as well. Ask our team about ways to protect yourself and your pets.
  • ⎫ Ticks in general are able to carry other disease that we just don’t want exposure to for our families.
  • ⎫ 1 in 10 pets test positive for some type of internal parasite.
  • ⎫ Lungworm and Whipworm are on the rise in Nova Scotia.
  • ⎫ Lungworm is transmitted by slugs.
  • ⎫ Adult fleas represent only about 15% of the flea population; the other 95% are in the egg, larva or pupa stage. And it’s only the adults you see…
  • ⎫ One female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day.

Further to our recent e-mail sent out, we encourage all of our clients to assess their dog’s possible exposure to not only ticks but other internal parasites, while also looking at their own: vacation/travel plans with their pet(s) in the coming months.

For some general information on ticks & the number of “positive” Tick test results specific to Nova Scotia click here, and place your mouse over Nova Scotia on the map. From there you’ll see that there have been 306 dogs testing positive for Lyme disease, 30 for Ehrlichia, 61 for Anaplasma, and 12 for Heartworm in the past 5 years.

We are extending this offer to cats as well!
(Some restrictions do apply)

*Submitted with respect from Dr. Jeff Goodall, Sunnyview Animal Care in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Halifax Veterinarian, Lower Sackville Veterinarian, & Fall River Veterinarian, using various Veterinary Reviewed Source materials. Further reference information available upon request.
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