Peg, Commutes from St. Margaret’s Bay each day. She shares her home with an eclectic collection of pets:

4 dogs ( a Doberman, a doberman mix and two maltese/yorkie crosses), 2 guinea pigs, her turtle, Sue and a pondfull of comets and koi fish. Although she only joined our Sunnyview team in 2010, Peg completed her apprenticeship training and has been grooming professionally since 1988. She says she continues to learn daily ; from educational resources for groomers, from other groomers, and sometimes from the dogs themselves.

Peg does low volume grooming (4-6 dogs/day). Dogs are groomed by appointment with little or no overlapping of appointments. Sometimes people may need to schedule dog grooming around their work hours and in those cases, a 1/2 or full day stay can be arranged.

What Peg offers:

Breed appropriate styling. Lifestyle trims. Owner designed trims. Groomer’s choice; groomer designed trims, occasional matted shave down aka “a smoothie” or a “do-over”. Which style of trim your pet gets will be based on your preference where possible but please be aware that the pet’s coat condition and tolerance for grooming may affect what I am able to do.

Unfortunately Peg is unable to do extremely large breeds or cats.

Please check for pictures of Peg’s current grooming clients!

Please call 431-2223 to book an appointment today!